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New Services

Machining And Fabrication Services


We are a globally integrated supplier providing global sourcing and logistic management, serving as a one-stop solution to our clients.

MRO Integrator appointed by MNCs

We are trusted by multinational companies (MNCs) for our maintenance repair and operations (MRO) strategic sourcing, physical supply chain, technology, and integrations tools.

Through our appointment as your MRO integrator, you can expect savings and reductions in costs within your supply chain and organization as a whole.

Just-in-Time Inventory (JIT)

We work closely with you so that raw materials arrive as per your scheduled production and not earlier. Our goal is to ensure that even though you hold minimum inventories, you are still ready to meet demands.

Interworld’s JIT inventory management system can boost your ROI by lowering your inventory carrying costs, increasing efficiency, and decreasing waste.


We will manage the inventory at your stocking locations. Interworld will conduct regularly scheduled visits to your premises to review the inventory levels for a given good currently on- hand, remove any damaged or expired items, and restock the inventory to a jointly fixed upon, predefined level.

Your business can count on Interworld to take over this responsibility. We have a track record of providing our existing clients with 10 years of uninterrupted supplies through our customized Breadman service.

Our Impact

creates many lasting impressions.

We pride ourselves on providing products via integrated supply services using innovative information technology to support our local and global customers.

” We are always be with you whenever you need us, we are always here to provide our expertise and provide a best solution to our clients’ challenges. “

Yvonne Soon, MD

Our Expertise empowers us to deliver

We are a world-class material supplier and service provider
with more than 20 years in the business.

Industrial Manufacturing

End-to-end service provider to semiconductors, electronics, food processing, and other manufacturing materials.

Indirect Materials

Supplier of all categories of maintenance, repairs, and operating supplies (MRO), production supplies, cleanroom supplies, electrostatic discharge (ESD) control products, lab supplies, safety supplies, packaging products, office supplies, fabrication material “ONE-OFF Purchase” items, etc.

Medical and Pharmaceuticals

Manufacturer of medical devices, medical products, and pharmaceuticals.

We assure your business of consistent supply chains with stocked shelves and happy customers.